On this page we will put updates about what to do during the present outbreak of coronavirus and links to resources which may help parishoners during this difficult time.

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We have some good news today ..The Wellspring Walk in January raised £1988.76 compared to £1802.00 for the previous year. Please can you pass this news around to those who maybe do not get things on line. On the chueches together website there is an update on the Wellspring with some some new pictures..

We have been informed that attempts have been made by criminals posing as priests of this diocese to defraud people by asking for monry over the telephone. The Bishop and Fr Kevin confirm that no priest, active or retired, will ever ask a parishioner to pay bills or advance him or the parish a loan. Even if the parishioners are personal friends of the priest they should not consider transferring money until they have found an independent way of verifying the details of the person communicating with them.

  • Responding to pastoral emergencies Special Emergency Number: 01457 620272

Bishop Patrick has temporarily stood down from external pastoral ministry priests are aged seventy and over and those with a health condition requiring them to self-isolate. Fr Daniel and Fr Martin  are taking turns at being the priest on call for 24 hours at a time.  To ring the duty priest, at any hour of day or night, please phone the special emergency number: 01457 620272. You will hear some information, then you can press a button on your phone to be connected automatically to whichever priest is the priest on call. Click here for more details

Please pray for all our priests in this difficult time.

To assist anytime at mass on line Click here  to bring up a page listing all masses in English being streamed now anywhere in the worl. The list may take a little time to load! Not all links will work for all computers so keep trying till you find a mass that works for you!