Parish Pastoral Council

The parish is served by a Parish Pastoral Council, with Fr. John as its President, and eight council members, four from each church.  This PPC meets every quarter, alternately at New Mills and Marple Bridge and deals with issues affecting the whole parish.  The meetings are chaired alternately by the joint Chairmen.

Each church in the parish has its own church committee.  These committees are made up of nine parishioners from each church and deal with issues affecting their own church site, which may not have an impact on the parish as a whole.


  • Mass Tue 11:00 NM Thu 11:00 MB
  • Adoration Tue 10:30 NM Wed 09:30 MB
  • Parish Xmas Fair Sat 17th Nov NM
  • Vocations Day 10:30 Sat 24th Nottingham
  • God Love & Sex Conference Sat 1st Dec Nottingham
  • Parish Xmas Meal Fri 7th Dec