Baptism Preparation

Parents wishing to have their child baptised in the Catholic Church need to attend baptism course.   Please complete a form which is available at the back of both churches or ask for more details.

First Communion Preparation

Children are normally aged around 8 years for first confession and the reception of first communion Рthe course takes several weeks. There are courses in New Mills and Marple Bridge.
Contact us for more details

Confirmation Preparation

Confirmation normally takes place between the ages of 11 and 16 years. It is the time when young people make the decision on their own to wish to become a full member of the Catholic Church. For adults wishing to be received into the Church, first confession and communion is followed by confirmation and one course serves both. purposes.

Contact us for further details

Marriage Preparation

For couples wishing to be married in the Catholic Church

Contact the parish office by phone or email


  • Weekends: Sat 1830 MB, Sun 0930 NM, 1200 MB
  • Mon 22nd 1000 MB, Tue 23rd 1030 NM, Wed 24th 1000 MB, Fri 3rd 1000 MB
  • Confession Sat1800 MB,Sun1245 NM
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